January 14, 2011

Mola Fish

January 14, 2011

Mola fish, The name is quite foreign to our ears. These fish are rarely to found. Mola fish has the heaviest bone in the world. These fish weight average 1000 kg or 1 ton. This shape is very unique, which is like just having a large head with small tails.
These large fish are inhabitants of tropical waters in the central part of Indonesia and some places in the Pacific Ocean region. Even so, this fish is also known in other parts of the world because they love to swim following the ocean currents.

Mola adult fish can not swim fast, so it is often eaten by sharks, sea lions, orca, or fish. Even in Japan and Taiwan, were traded mola fish meat, although meat is supposedly not delicious to eat.

In Latin, Mola means "stone grave marker. " This name was given because this fish is a quick round of short gray resemble tombstones. The size of mature fish sunfish sometimes there is a length of 3.3 meters and weighs 2300 kg. Although not classified as wild fish, when fish swim on the surface of the mole, he often surprised his back fin swimmers because shape similar to a shark. Mola fish also do not have teeth strong and sharp as a means of self defense. However, fish skin is tough and thick mole can protect their bodies from the bite of a predator fish.

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