January 14, 2011

Healthy Pets Without Toxoplasmosis

January 14, 2011

I was one of the animal lovers. Since childhood, I ever have a lot varians of pets like a monkey, lempiau, iguanas, owls, raccoons, cats, dogs, birds, hamsters, tortoises, turtles, arwana, stingrays, and others. I was accustomed to contact with the animals. However, I have ever maintained many pets but i prefer cats, cats are a fun animal. Indeed they are not as smart and as strong as a dog. But, their sensitive sense of the condition of our psyche is very sharp.

Over the past 6 years, I maintain 20 more cats, including local cats and cats imported. Mama I'm the most worried about my health. Coupled with the term "cat carrier toxoplasma. " I am a bit scared but if I do not care who will care for them. Then, armed with a referral veterinarian and other cat lovers. I taught maintenance and cat care is good and right so that I avoid the possibility of toxoplasma disease.

Toxoplasmosis caused by toxoplasma gondii found in "mice" and "birds". If a cat eats a mouse or a bird that carries the parasite that causes toxoplasmosis, the parasite moves into a cat and there were parasitic cycle in cats. although the cat was always regarded as an animal with the most potential of transmitting toxoplasmosis in humans, but not all cats carry the parasite that causes toxoplasmosis.

Transmission of toxoplasmosis can occur in 3 ways. The first mode of transmission is contact with raw meat from infected animals, the parasite that causes toxoplasmosis. This mode of transmission most often occurs. The people who work in slaughter houses because of his work have a high risk of contracting toxoplasmosis. These people even if infected, they showed no signs of illness or disease suffered lightly. evidence that they are infected can be obtained from the results of blood examination in the laboratory, which proves that they are positive (have) a substance resistant to the parasite toxoplasma. The second mode of transmission is through cat feces. Discharged under other than sand or soil, some cat feces sometimes stick on the back of the body of cat fur. In the fact, cats are very concerned about cleanliness. 

There is cat feces on the body when it will lick. If we hold the cat, then take the food without washing hands, then the egg of toxoplasma can go into the stomach.According to research, milllions of toxoplasma eggs will be issued in conjunction with cat feces, between 3-10 days after the cat is eating mice, birds, or raw meat contaminated with the parasite of Toxoplasma, or 3-5 weeks after ingesting toxoplasma eggs in the soil. The third transmission mode is through vegetables taken from gardens and contaminated cat feces. If these vegetables are eaten raw without washing is good, then we can catch toxoplasmosis.

>>The steps to avoid transmission of toxoplasmosis

1. Mother who planned to have children can consult a gynecologist with a blood test. If the wife has been infected, but has a long, means the wife has to have substance immune.

2. Animal meat will be consumed cooked until done (20-30 minutes, 80-100 degrees Celsius).

3. Equipment used to cut meat in clean and rinsed with hot water.

4. Vegetables and fruit should be washed thoroughly before consumption.

5. Do not give raw foods to keep animals, except for special feeding the beast that has been cooked or in packaging.

6. Pet cats should be avoided so as not to catch mice or birds (either by granting the cage at the cat or provide a special area for cats to play).

7. Vaccination treatment, clean litter box, clean the dining plate, and bathing the cats

8. Specifically for pregnant women, are prohibited from cleaning the litter box if it should be advised to use gloves.

9. Always clean our hand with soap or antiseptic solution.

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