February 21, 2011

Sex Disorders

February 21, 2011
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Fantasy in sexual intercourse is not foreign to the two lovers. For male or female sexual fantasy can improve the intimacy in their dealings. Having sex by giving a gentle touch can also give them a different flavor even people often create new styles when having sex. Couples who have different sexual fantasies, chances are desirable lot of people, especially women, because it can add a great power stimulation desirable lot of people, especially women, because it can add to the great stimulus of great stimulation. The goal, so sex does not bring in burnout because done in various ways. But be careful with couples who have sexual fantasies excessive.

People who worship the objects or excessive fantasizing sexual satisfaction was diagnosed with sexual fetishism. Fetishism is a form of parafilia, namely psychological disorder that involves some kind of obsessive sexual desire. Fetishism is a disorder that uses non-sexual objects, inanimate object or part of one's body to gain sexual pleasure. And according to the American Psychological Association (APA), fetishism is a form of mental disorder.

Sex disorders can have a negative impact on the person and some of which are forbidden by religion and not in accordance with existing norms. Sexual disorders include:

1. Anthropophagolagnia
Obtain sexual pleasure with the activities of rape. People with this condition will try to rape her partner even in some cases killed.

2. Bestiality / Zoophilia
Sexual relations between humans and animals, for example humans with horses, dogs, cows, goats, pigs, chimpanzees, and other creatures that are categorized as animals, either through anal, vaginal, or oral. Beastilitas more often done with the motivation of the production of pornographic films. Although a small man indeed do so on the basis of deviant sexual appetite and excessive love of animals. To this day beastilitas still doubtful or controversial because it contradicts the norms of religions and religion is prohibited in the book, beastilitas also often categorized as one form of animal abuse by some people.

3. Coprofilia
Sexual pleasure derived from feces. People with this condition get sexual pleasure with a big throw in the spouse, usually the mouth, the so-called 'human toilet'. Coprofilia also can include coprophagia, that is, those who eat feces. This can lead to serious health risks.

4. Exhibitionism
Exhibitionism (exhibitionism or often referred to as flashing) is the encouragement of sexual fantasy continuously and urged that involve behavior where the individual to exhibit his own genital parts to foreigners who do not want to see it. The drive aims to surprise, frighten, admired, or cause a sense of disgust at people who were targeted. In the female actor wearing a particular form of exhibitionism to attract attention of men and tend to disturb or make uneasy like: do not wear a bra, open studs, thin clothes, do not use underwear (but not naked), the skirt is very minimal and so forth.

5. Fetishism
Fetishism describe forms of sexual deviation in which individuals in sexual activity involving certain goods. When the objects that accompany such activities do not exist, then the individual is not excited or loss of libido sexual. Individuals with the disorder will fetishism excited when you see, feel or touch with the objects. The objects of sexual fantasy to be: high-heeled shoes, rubber or leather costumes, a certain underwear, underwear women with a certain pattern, or lingerie. Actors fetishism (fetish) will invite their partners to use objects or use them yourself in any sexual activity. If partner refuses then the fetish will choose not to have sex at all.
Another form of fetishism is also termed partialism, ie individuals fetish in sexual activity stimulated with one part of her partner's body like leg (calf), big toe, breast or buttocks. Some kind of fetish objects based on the object: Fetishism balloon (balloon), fur Fetishism (furs), leather Fetishism (uniform of the skin), Fetishism panty (underwear), Fetishism robots (robots or machines), rubber Fetishism (material from the rubber), Fetishism shoe (footwear), Fetishism smoking (cigarettes).
In general, sexual harassment is more experienced men and even women are very rarely found these deviations. Fetishism in general can be accepted by the society during the absence of violence due to imposition of one partner desires. Men will buy objects that become fantasies for use by their partners, most women do not mind the accessories are for not making it miserable, something else is also regarded as a form of sexual variation.

6. Blood fetishism (Blood Fetish)
People with this condition can get sexual gratification by looking at someone is bleeding, usually bloody, and not wearing clothes. Blood fetish is often accompanied by licking or drinking blood from others. This is usually done with a bit or using a razor.

7. Emetofilia
People with this condition get sexual pleasure by vomiting or seeing other people vomit. People with this condition think vomiting can evoke strong emotions for sexual purposes.

8. Urolagnia
Urolagnia, fetishism that happened to someone when getting sexual pleasure from urinating or watching others urinate. In some cases this can cause urophagia, namely people who like to consume urine.

9. Teratofilia
Teratofilia, sexual attraction to become disabled or have a terrible condition. One type is acrotomofilia teratofilia, ie sexual attraction to amputees. People who are interested to be amputated in order to obtain sexual satisfaction specifically listed in the amputation of fetishism.

10. Furry Fandom
Furry fandom, the classification given to people who like to dress up or watch a man with animal clothing. People who suffer from this fandom usually like to watch porn or have sex with men who dress like animals. Sometimes it only involves non-sexual touching or rubbing limbs in animal costumes.

11. Klismafilia
People with klismafilia get sexual pleasure derived from enemas (intake of fluid into the colon through the anus). This condition is sometimes regarded as a form of anal masturbation.

12. Necrophiliac
There are 3 types of people with necrophiliac. First, necrophilic Homicide, sufferers have to kill in advance to get the corpse and obtain sexual gratification. Second, regular necrophilia, the patient is only using the bodies of the dead to obtain sexual pleasure. Third, necrophilic fantasy, the patient fantasize having sex with a corpse, but did not do it.
Theories about the motives of someone doing the first sex deviations due to his fear associated with the normal. He was afraid of rejection that automatically affect the psychological and sexual activity. The bodies are sexual objects that are considered not going to fight or resist his desire in sexual intercourse.
History of Ancient Egypt thousands of years ago noted, the husband who fears his wife's corpse is treated by the embalmers indecent, save his wife's corpse in the house until completely decomposed. One of the legends until now was King Herod who killed his wife, then had sex with his corpse for more than 7 years. While in some ancient cultures the activity was used as a medium to communicate with the jinn. In the trajectory of history, recorded Sergeant Bertrand of the 74th regiment of the French military had to disassemble the tombs of several women and having sex with her corpse. Guido Henckel von Donnersmarck (died 1916) was also suspected to do with the corpse of his first wife that he stored in a giant tank of alcohol. There is also a man named Henri Blot who disassemble the grave of a ballet dancer, Fernande Mery, in March and June 1886 and had sex with the corpse.

13. Frotteurisme
Frotteurisme term (no longer called frottage) refers to sexual perversion in the form of activity or hugging someone rubbing bodies of others who do not want to. Frotteurisme usually done by hand or genitals and can touch any body part including genitals. People who do frotteurisme called frotteur. Frotteur majority are male and victims are women, although frotteurisme women to men, women to women, men to men also exist.

14. Gerontofilia
Gerontopilia is a behavior where the perpetrator of sexual deviation fall in love and looking for sexual satisfaction to the people who are elderly (grandmothers or grandfathers). Gerontopilia included in one of the diagnoses of sexual disorders, of the many sexual disorders such as voyurisme, exhibisionisme, sadism, masochisme, pedopilia, brestilia, homosexuality, fetishism, frotteurisme, and so forth. Complaints are initially feel impotent when faced with a wife / husband as her life partner, because the feeling was not interested anymore. The more she pushed by her partner so he increasingly does not serve, even to be worried. Sexual desire to the partner who actually get up again if he had met with dreams (grandfather / grandmother).

15. Pedophilia
Personality deviations someone who has interest or sexual desires of children who have not entered adolescence. This term is often directed to adults who have this condition. Sometimes the term is also used to refer to the perpetrators of sexual offenses against children. People who have this condition called a pedophile.

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