January 06, 2011

Gender Stratification

January 06, 2011

In sociology, stratification is commonly conceived as a process, when individuals or groups in society are placed in hierarchical order on the basis of differences in access to social resources and economic (Andersen, Margaret L., Thinking about Woman, Sociological and Feminist Perspectives, Macmillan Publishing Co., Inc., New York, 1983, h. 77). 
 Men have the opportunity and access to the enormous economic resources and political. Economically, he has the opportunity to gather more wealth than women. While politically, more men occupy key positions in decision-making process. The struggle of a woman to reach the top social strata more weight than a man. Of course, today this trend is not really inherent in every society. However, in developing countries, the trend has been shown by many studies and reality.

Determinant factors that create the problem of gender stratification in the trend seen in the economic and political developments that took place in public life. Economic activity among people of other communities is different.The difference is partly reflected economic role in the system of division of labor between men and women. Similarly in political activity, the difference is very clear political role in decision making. The difference is in part reflected the political distribution of the political elite recruitment system.

 Sometimes the thought of a man "Women are XY, so the home is suitable work for a woman. No matter though he's highly educated, women remain housewives who take care of children, cleaning house, and spend time at home for every day".
In this period, women are not only working in domestic affairs, but should be involved in activities outside the home. Even in places where the city has begun to grow, women also participated in services and trading activities such as shopkeepers, craftsmen, seamstresses, restaurant owners, salon owners, boutique owners, opening supermarkets. Nevertheless, activities that they do not stand alone, but still have interdependence with men. Women and men are a little different, but still there is a kind of dependence to one another. They can set up almost impossible to separate, especially because of the continuity of the economic activities of women involved is determined by economic activity of men, and vice versa. Therefore it is not too excessive when it is said that the status and roles held by women are more or less parallel to the status and roles held by men. 

Even the status of women is actually higher degree than men. The woman is a mother and a mother also will not escape from her life partner whom (men). The successful man does not escape the intuition of a woman for the life of her family, her partner, and life around her.

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